The idea behind COVELAR comes to life after over 10 years of learning and experience at working in the medical field; on the one hand, observing how as time goes by, medical innovation keeps surprising us in how far it has gone at improving people’s quality of life; and on the other, wondering about the dilemma of the best products not being always available to the Mexicans in the short, medium, or even long term.

The main causes are the lack of foreign investment ready to expand, either directly or indirectly, in our country, and the legal and regulatory procedures which make the wait even longer, situation that on many occasions discourages both foreign manufacturers and national distributors.

Knowing over the years both the specialist doctors who attend congresses with the desire to be able to use the latest advances and techniques that they cannot access in Mexico, as well as various patients who at the end of the day are the central customers of these products, is how our inspiration arises to be able to collaborate as a bridge between the manufacturers that create all these new technologies, and the national marketers that want to bring the highest quality medical products to the service of health, establishing healthy and empathetic commercial relationships, thus achieving the common good of the parties.


COVELAR integrates consulting services regarding regulatory and trading matters in Mexico of class I, II & III medical devices, food supplements, allopathic drugs, and herbal medicines & remedies.

With wide knowledge of the efforts needed to invest in projects to market cutting-edge medical products in Mexico, and knowing beforehand the value and impact added to each of them by timing, in COVELAR we’ve decided to focus on giving our clients the possibility of fusing efforts for speeding up their processes and paperwork, guiding them step by step from research and selection of manufacturers, negotiating authorized and/or exclusive distribution, development of dossiers for the consideration of COFEPRIS to obtain health registries and import permits, designing procedure manuals for the implementation of technovigilance and pharmacovigilance programs, along with a wide variety of proposals for the commercial release of the registered devices, design and/or improvement of marketing processes, customer loyalty and retention strategies, translation of medical texts and a long etcetera.

Our services are customized, confidential and highly specialized. Endorsed by the experience of our team, we design solutions to attend the needs of both national and overseas companies.